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So, what's The B.I.R.D.I.E Method?!

This program is custom tailored to you it is truly built just for you, your body type, your hormones, your lifestyle and your goals, and that is why it is highly successful. The B.I.R.D.I.E. Method was created by yours truly, and has been used by hundreds of women!

Resetting & Healing the Gut

Gas, Bloating & Constipation or more! These are not normal & you shouldn't have to put up with feeling like poop. By supporting your gut you will not only beat the bloat & become more regular, but you will be supporting your mood, sleep, energy, hormone balalnce & more!

1:1 Coaching & Mindset Shifting

Motivation is fleeting & EVERY Body is different. This is where personalized coaching is KEY to success. This is how we dive deep, figure out what will work for you & keep you on track through your journey.

Healing Through Food

Food can often be overwheleming. There is so many conflicting info out there & thats where your customized meal guides come into play. These guides take into account your food preferences, your schedule & what is going on in your gut! Helping you increase your energy, clear up mental fog, feel good & take the stress out of the question "What do I eat"?

Dynamic Personalization

Bio-Individuality is a Key to this programs success. Your program will not look like your neighbors program because You are different. Your coaching needs, your nourishment, your movement, etc will meet you where You are at & evolve based on how your body responds & changes with the program.

Balancing Hormones

Irregular & painful periods, mood swings & feeling drained are NOT normal. Through simple shifts, you will learn to balance your hormones in a way that works for your life & doesn't put you out for a week out of every month.

Movement of the Body

Exercise can be intimidating & it can also be seens as the ultimate answer. Together we will take any fear out of exercise & also find your balance so that you arent overdoing it. After all, you can't out exercise an unbalanced system.


Who doesn't love a little support? Supplements are just that. They help support your journey, expedite your healing & getting you to feeling like yourself again. As with the entire program, these are Very personal & may or may not be recommended as part of your journey.

Lifestyle Protocol

Lasting results are the key to your program. This is NOT a quick fix. This is not a program wher eyou "fall off" any wagon. This is a program that helps you create little shifts in your lifestyle & find balance in what you want to prioritize to help you be & feel your best.

All delivered within an efficient, adaptive and sustainable program

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If you're looking to:
  • De-bloat your belly & end your IBS

  • Balance your hormones & kick PMS symptoms

  • Increase your energy

  • Heal from the inside out

  • Finally have answers

  • Have a targeted plan of action

  • Gain a better understanding of your body

  • Ditch your diet

  • Cook with intention

  • Increase your confidence

  • Be motivated

  • Have structure

  • Relieve stress

...then look no further!
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