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Jessica Bird Hagestedt

 But my nickname is "Birdie"
Meet "Birdie"

Board Certified Holistic Health Coach,

FDN Practitioner

I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, a FDN Practitioner & an ACSM Personal Trainer (basically I am a fitness + nutrition nerd).


I guide fed up + frustrated women to heal from the inside out & be confident, stronger & feel like themselves again by ditching their diets + hamster wheel workouts & falling in love with food, fitness + themselves.

With a lifetime love of fitness, I furthered my D1 Athletic career with over a decade of studies + certifications in personal training & holistic, integrative & functional nutrition. As a UC Berkeley grad, I created my own major, Human Health and Behavior, & defended it with a 42 page thesis. Wellness is something I go all out for, always.

Through my abundance of education & experience, I created the B.I.R.D.I.E Method - a fun, adaptive & sustainable approach to help heal & free women from confusion & anxiety around their body, food & movement.

In addition to working with hundreds of clients, my expertise has been featured in numerous magazines & podcasts. & I am a #1 best-selling author on Amazon!


I live in Lake Oswego, OR with my hubby, 6 year old wild child & two fur babies!

I am so thrilled you are here & can’t wait to get to know you!

As I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, a FDN Practitioner, an IIN Integrative Health Coach & an ACSM CPT, I can prescribe exercises & nutrition guides. However, I am not a doctor & if your needs are outside my scope of practice, it will either require joint communication & cooperation between me, you & the appropriate health practitioner or for our coaching to be postponed until you get the OK from your doctor. This also means I can not help diagnose an illness. If this is an emergency or life-threatening situation, please seek medical attention or call 911.

5 Birdie Bits to Know.


My first love of movement started with Ballet & Jazz when I was three.​



My BA from UC Berkeley, Human Behavior and Health in the US, was created by myself with the oversight of an academic counselor.​



I absolutely love singing, but I am tone deaf & pitch imperfect.​



I am a recovering Type A & have learned to live with ADHD with anxiety & bouts of depression.



Popcorn, dark chocolate & homemade gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are my favorite go to snacks.

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