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BB Freebies

Some things in life are free!

As I always say, I’ve got you boo! Between mindset, fitness & nutrition, I’ve got a whole lotta experience figuring out what helps support client’s on their journey to making lasting lifestyle changes. Are you ready to enjoy some freebies?!

Simple click below for a freebie (or a few)! This is 100% no strings attached (ie no requiring an email) but I do ask you to let me know what you think! Either message me here, or connect with me on Instagram Here!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mini Workout

Life doesn't slow down & it can feel challenging to prioritize movement, focus on health & know what to do for your body! Well I’m here to make it feel way less daunting.

Did you know just 15 minutes of movement can increase life span as much as 3 years!? And that only increases with each minute of activity you add on! With this free mini workout that’s all the time you need to give yourself - just 15 minutes.


That’s only like 1% of your day. I know you’ve got that. Try to commit to using it for one week, alternating 15 min of this workout with 15 min of walking every day & use journaling to track your progressl!


Mini Meditation

Did you know meditation improves anxiety levels 60% of the time? In fact incorporating meditation into your routine has some insane benefits:

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Relieves PMS symptoms

  • Reduces symptoms of PTSD

  • Improve attention span

  • Improve quality of sleep

Thats just the beginning - join me for a 6 minute meditation to calm your mind & body while aligning yourself to be ready for the tasks ahead.

The B.I.R.D.I.E Habit Tracker 

Habits are hard to break & even harder to create. The first step is awareness!

Self-awareness is a powerful thing, it can bring mindfulness to what you’re struggling with while also highlighting what areas you are killin’ it in! Tracking your good habits everyday allows you to feel proud of your progress & gives you a sense of accomplishment.


This habit tracker is a four week plan of action for you, where I highlight hydration, movement, nutrition, quality of sleep & leave you plenty of room to fill in the blanks for what you’re ready to focus on!


Mini Recipe Book

These are a few of my favorite things! A mini recipe book of my go to recipes that taste good & make you feel good. This meal guide is mini glimpse into the Food pillar of The BIRDIE Method.

Not only is food a love language of mine, but I truly believe what you cook & eat should be enjoyable if not pleasurable. Love, along with my Cook 3, Eat 5 approach, saves you from cooking burn out, dish washing overwhelm & incorporates 2 meals a week where your social life is already part of the menu.

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