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Functional Wellness Tailored to You

Begin Your Health Journey

A journey begins with a single step. Getting your body in good health physically, hormonally, and, mentally can be a daunting task. Everyone is different and our body chemistry changes as we age and what used to work for you may not anymore. There is no secret formula, fad diet, or magic pill but at Balanced By Birdie we get to the root cause of some of your health challenges, identify your goals, test your hormones and set you on a clear path to success.  

Our Programs


The B.I.R.D.I.E Body

16 Week Functional Transformational Program. Your completely customized lifestyle plan to finally get to the bottom of your health symptoms, heal your body and create functional and lasting solutions.


Custom Meal Plan

Meal planning can be the hardest step to starting your fitness journey. So let’s take the guesswork out and sign-up for our 4 week meal plan, custom tailored to you!


21 Day Challenge

It takes 21 days to form a new habit, this program is designed to jump start your success and get you ready to successfully tackle your future health goals.


Free 5 Day Challenge

A taste of how change can be made by detoxing from what is no longer serving you. This free program is filled with workbooks, prompts, accountability checks and information on mindset, nutrition and fitness.


BB Freebies

As I always say, I’ve got you boo! Between mindset, fitness & nutrition, I’ve got a whole lotta experience figuring out what helps support client’s on their journey to making lasting lifestyle changes. Are you ready to enjoy some freebies?!

Not sure what program is right for you? 

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