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Let's get to the gut of it!

Are you sick of not feeling like yourself?

Bloated, unable to lose weight, fatigued no matter how much sleep you get, finding it hard to concentrate & be fully present? Have you tried your old tricks to feeling better & they are no longer working? Or have you reached out to your doctor only to be told that they ‘hear this all the time’ & what you are feeling is ‘normal’?

Well love, just because it is common, does not make it normal, or healthy for that matter, & that is why we created this program, to help you figure out, once & for all, what the heck is out of balance in your body & how to get it back to homeostasis so you can show up as the badass that you are.

Work with Birdie 1:1

The BIRDIE Body: Functional Transformation program is our signature 16 week program that dives deep into healing you from the inside out with a 100% Custom Program that is designed around you & your body’s needs. This program evolved from our 12 week program & includes even more opportunities to unroot, learn & heal from the internal imbalances that are causing your external symptoms.

This program is for you if you are looking to learn the ‘why’ & ‘how’ behind the functioning of your body & what kind of impact you have on it.

Together, we unearth your body’s imbalances & the root causes of your symptoms, allowing for a clear & structured path to healing & health so that you can live a Balanced, Confident & Free life.


  • 45 min Creation + Customization coaching call for Phase 1

  • 4 Succinct Modules that cover each Lab so you know Why each marker is Important & What they are For when we go over your Results

  • 90 min Lab Results Review & Recommendation Coaching Call where we cover each lab & get to the Gut of your Symptoms

  • 4 Phase Personalized Lifestyle Protocol that covers Movement, Mindset & Individualized Supplements

  • 4 Phase Custom Nutritional Protocol with Recipe ebooks

  • Monthly, 20 min Coaching Calls with Birdie via Zoom (4 total)

  • Access to weekly Health & Fitness Educational Modules

  • Unlimited Messaging & all the Love, Support & Encouragement from Birdie

  • Wrap Up 30 min 1:1 Goal Setting call for continued implementation & long term success

  • Discounts on Clean Supplements

  • Did we mention all the knowledge, love & energy from Birdie guiding you through your epic transformation?

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