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21-Day Challenge

It takes 21 days to form a new habit, this program is designed to set you up for success to create an entirely new habit of health through fitness, nutrition and mindset.

21 days to jumpstart transformation

The basis of this challenge is the 21/90 rule. Perhaps you aren't ready to take the full plunge into lifestyle changes, this 21 day program is designed to create new health habits - that means habits with workouts, meals and frame of mind. When you create a new habit after 21 days you’re on your way to implementing changes that LAST. 

By joining you're...

  • Committing to 21 days of a curated workout regimen from HIIT to Cardio to Upper Body & Core and of course REST DAYS.​

  • Committing to 21 days of positive psychology through custom designed Balanced by Birdie affirmations that you can make your screensaver or repeat out loud & save for a rainy day.​

  • Committing to 21 days of awareness around meals with a Balanced by Birdie meal guide focused on breakfast & dinner.​

  • Committing to 21 days of prioritizing yourself, focusing & tracking your progress & celebrating in your accomplishments through journal prompts & accountability.

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