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FREE 5 Day Challenge

Health & Fitness Mindset Reset

What are we going to tackle?

After the crazy year and a half we've all had, we're experiencing more anxiety, overwhelm & stress than before, which we can't live with 100% of the time & still support our health! This 5 Day Challenge is designed for us to tackle mindset so we can create a healthy environment for our bodies to thrive.

  • Addressing & transforming limiting beliefs, negative thoughts & emotions

  • Eliminating the guilt we feel when we prioritize ourselves, focus on self-care or do what is necessary to fill our cup.

  • Detoxing & challenging toxic habits that keep us out of alignment with ourselves.

  • Getting comfortable with understanding our needs & saying "NO" when necessary.

  • Creating & setting realistic expectations of ourselves & giving ourselves the compassion we give others.

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