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The B.I.R.D.I.E Method

So, What’s the B.I.R.D.I.E Method?!

This program is custom tailored to you it is truly built just for you, your body type, your hormones, your lifestyle and your goals, and that is why it is highly successful. The B.I.R.D.I.E. Method was created by yours truly, and has been used by hundreds of women!

The Birdie Method Focuses On:

Resetting & Healing the Gut

Balancing Hormones

1:1 Coaching + Mindset Shifting

Movement of the Body

Healing Through Food


Dynamic Personalization

Lifestyle protocol

All delivered within an Efficient, adaptive & sustainable program.

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If you’re looking to:

  • Heal from the Inside Out

  • Finally have answers

  • have a targeted plan of action

  • Ditch Your Diet

  • Cook with Intention

  • Increase Your Confidence

  • Be Motivated

  • Increase Your Energy

  • De-bloat Your Belly

  • Have Structure

  • Be Joyful

  • Relieve Stress

Then look no further!

Book a free 15 minute consultation to learn more! 


The Birdie Bunch

Have you joined the FREE Facebook community?

This is your place to leave body, food & lifestyle judgment behind & start opening up the doors of wonderment & acceptance. It’s a space for accountability, vulnerability, community & embracing your health journey with women on that same path!

We are a community of inspiration, support & accountability for those committed to diving deeper & getting curious about their body, learning how to live life to its fullest & feel their best! Whether you are working with me currently or not, we are here to celebrate wins, encourage each other & get our movement & nourishment party started!

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