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Revive - C

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With your custom program, over the next 6-weeks, you will decrease inflammation & inches, banish belly bloat, increase tone, decrease cravings & instill confidence in your body & understanding of exercise & food. We transform your relationship with health, fitness, food & frame of mind. You will experience the BIRDIE Method & be 100% set up for building a foundation of success!

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What Your REVIVE Looks Like:

In this program we tackle your inner critic, instill unwavering new habits and begin your journey to creating consistency, allowing you to build a new lifestyle centered around wellness and balance, allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

  • A 6 week Custom anti inflammatory meal plan to eliminate stress around meal prepping for success.

  • A 6 week Custom workout regimen so you can focus on DOING THE WORK rather than figuring out what work needs to be done.

  • Unlimited Voxer support for coaching, accountability and communication.

  • 4 video modules on Detoxing, Ego, Sleep and Perception

  • 10+ journals and workbook to tackle mindset work.

  • 35+ affirmations to incorporate positive psychology into daily life.

  • A private community to connect with other women embarking on the same journey.

Take Their Word for It:

I joined Birdie's 6 Week System because I knew I needed some new ideas and accountability. I like that Birdie's system is not about counting calories and included work out ideas. Since taking the program, I'm back in my pre-pandemic jeans. I've fallen in love with cooking again and feel like I have more mental resolution over my evening snacking. Don't hesitate to join this system. Birdie is super supportive, responsive and knowledgeable and the system is set up for you to be successful and feel great!

Sarah M.


Ready to dive in?

No Time is better than now

Buy $1,197.00
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