What My Clients Say

Linda Watkins

Linda Watkins

In November of 2008 I hired Jessica to help me lose weight and get back to my desired fitness level.  My plan was to hire her for 6 months, figuring my self motivation could take over after that.

So here I am, it is March 2019…Yes…10+ years later and Jessica is still my coach! Why? Because what started as strictly weight and fitness goals morphed into full mind and body fitness and as I progress through the different stages of aging, life stresses, injuries, surgeries, etc., Jessica has been there to guide me, provide new insights and programs to accommodate for life’s transitions. 

Jessica has continued to produce variety with workouts (seriously, 10+ years and she still comes up with new training methods and exercises!), nutritional plans (have been enjoying the simplicity and results of using Isagenix products for 3 years now), accountability methods (oh, so not my favorite thing, but she only lets you make excuses for so long until finding a new way to make you accountable!), and ways to manage stress; she knows when to push me harder but knows the difference between my complaining about a hard workout versus when there are physical or mental limitations. 

Thank you Jessica…I’m lucky to have you helping to make me a healthier person, inside and out!

-Linda Watkins

“I hired Jessica because I was in a rut that I couldn’t seem to get out of on my own. I didn’t feel as healthy as I know I should and I wanted to bring movement back into my life.

Jessica is extremely informed and passionate about what she does and it showed in her ability to modify my program to meet me where I was at. She is motivating, encouraging and has a positive mentality. Since working with her, I feel much braver and willing to try new things. The emotional shift she brought to my life was one of the best parts! Jessica has helped me overcome some mental fears and gave me information to not only feel healthier overall, but to help with very specific pain I was experiencing. She is so much fun to work with and brings her energy, humor and knowledge to the table while also giving the support and encouragement needed to stay focused and on track. 

Anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness should contact Jessica as she is more qualified than anyone I’ve ever met before!”

-Brooke D.

Tonya Nielsen

Tonya Nielsen

When I first started working with Jessica, over 10 years ago, I had never had an active lifestyle. I was 15 pounds overweight, but what concerned me most was how weak I felt.  I had trouble carrying my groceries. I knew I needed to begin a workout routine that would get the weight off but most importantly build strength and be a way of living that I could maintain. 

Luckily I met Jessica and let her lead me on my journey to a healthier life. My routines were challenging but her encouragement during our sessions pushed me to exceed my expectations. Jessica listened to my goals and worked with my unique challenges, always being flexible when needed. She has a gift for motivating you to live well by choosing the right activity and nutrition.

Jessica is passionate about helping her clients enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and has the knowledge, tools and commitment needed to help you accomplish your goals.

-Tonya Nieslen

“I decided to work with Jessica to bring a healthy balance back into my life; between working out, eating healthy and keeping up with my busy lifestyle I found it hard to stay on track with healthy choices and it had caused some unwanted weight gain.

Jessica is amazing. She constructed a program that isn’t “all or nothing,” but focuses on balanced living, making it easier to want to choose healthy the majority of the time. She is such a great motivator and always seemed to know when I needed that extra encouragement to make positive choices. She helped teach me that, even on the days I did not want to invest in my health, if I just spent a short amount of time doing it, that it was better than nothing and therefore a win. The culmination of the wins is how I got to where I am at today: I am back in the gym, with more confidence than before, my body inflammation is down and my clothing is fitting much more comfortably! 

Anyone looking for a realistic approach to healthy living and wants guidance in both their nutrition and workouts should work with Jessica. She is enthusiastic, energetic, encouraging, knowledgable and motivating. 

Thank you so much for everything you put into this program Jessica, I learned so much about myself and what I need to do to keep seeing progress and living healthfully.” 

-Melanie Walther