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Welcome Love!

If you're here, you're ready to change your life. I'm here to help you do just that! We aren't focus on quick fixes & health fads, together we are gonna create lifestyle changes. Cheers to that boo!

Its All About You Boo!

Your journey is uniquely specific to you & so is your plan. My Method has a multidirectional structure: like a tree. We may start at the trunk, then follow a branch, but that branch may branch off, or touch another branch. Like the branching off, your program depends on your tree of life, your obstacles & your goals & it evolves as you do

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The B.I.R.D.I.E Method

Together we will conquer your fears, relieve stress with harmony & rise up through The Birdie Method. We will create lifelong change that will leave you feeling more confident in your health & yourself.

  • B: Boosting your Mindset (We boost your mindset like we boost your booty)

  • I: Improving Habits (Its not just about eating healthier, its about living healthier)

  • R: Real People Accountability (because you don’t swipe left of your workout buddies like you do on your apps!)

  • D: Doable Workouts (because ain’t nobody got time for 90 min workouts with fancy equipment)

  • E: Ease of success (the last program you’ll ever need)

The THREE Pillars of Health

Let's break down the focus of all my programs so we can help support our bodies & help them thrive!


Creating the knowledge so you can know what works for YOU. Together we find workouts that don't require that fancy equipment, long workout sessions and instead become intentional with our movement


Together we help free the shackles of diet culture so you can find meals that are healthy & still enjoyable so the lifestyle changes can be made with ease.


Wake up feeling energized & ready versus full of self-doubt & criticism. Bring more JOY into your life, tap into your intuition & turn to your inner voice to make decisions & support yourself.


Hey loves, here are some go-tos, but if you have any other questions - contact me!

Help - I'm intimidated. Where do I begin?

What happens if I want a refund?

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