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I had my first baby 5 months ago…

Melissa Dunham

…and was looking to lose my baby weight, tighten up my post C-section belly and find a healthy balance in my recently transformed daily routine.

Jessica has not only helped me lose weight, but has assisted me in re-incorporating exercise back into my busy day. I am experiencing more energy and less brain fog; in fact, I have been able to give up coffee which I thought would be impossible with a baby who doesn't like to sleep. I have also gained some cooking skills through her delicious recipes and ideas. I am confident that I will be able to maintain my improved, balanced and healthy routine because I now have the tools and I just feel all around better!

Jessica truly cares about the people she coaches. She is knowledgable, outgoing, bubbly, extremely helpful and fun. I feel like her versatility allows her the ability to work with any type of person because when you meet her, you feel like you have known her forever.

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I take the stress & frustration out of eating healthy & working out & insert the fun & discovery.
— Jessica Bird Hagestedt

Live Happy,

Eat Healthy, Dream Big

I am a nutrition nut & fitness advocate on a mission of guiding mamas to step into their strength, take hold of their confidence, ignite passion back into their life, while creating nutritional balance.

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Benefits May Include

Weight Loss, Increased Lean Muscle, Increased Mental Clarity, Increased Natural Energy, Better Sleep, Decreased Stress, Decreased Belly Fat, Decreased Bloating and Gas, Radiant Skin, Lower Blood Pressure, Decreased Resting Heart Rate & MORE