The Difference

We have all been there.

Wanting to feel better.

Working on diet.

Working on exercise.

Maybe even working on mind set.

Yet, most of the time, all the work that is put in results in little to no change or, if there is change, it is short lived and not as gratifying as it should be.

So, we are back to square one, a little disheartened, feeling defeated and frustrated by how hard ‘being healthy’ is and why we can not seem to grasp it.

It isn’t a lack of information, there is more than enough out there.

It isn’t a lack of motivation, we know how good being ‘Healthy’ feels (either from past experiences or reading about it on social media).

We know it is attainable from all the success stories we have heard.

We know we need health because healthy bodies lead to elevated quality of life, a longer life, increased chance of looking and feeling younger, increased confidence and a slew of other bonuses topped off by looking good in a bathing suit and feeling comfortable in your clothing.

So what are we missing?

Surprisingly enough, it is a simple step:


Like I mentioned, we all know how to diet, or at least have a million diets at our fingertips. We all can exercise in some form of another and, if you are reading this, you want to be health and feel better, so we also have the motivation.

What is needed is:

  • Someone to guide us

  • Someone to help us stay the course

  • Someone that isn’t going to buy into the BS we tell ourselves

  • Someone to cheer us on

  • Someone who can give tough love

  • Someone that understands what we are going through

  • Someone that will not judge us

That someone is a Wellness Coach.

Wellness Coaching is accountability elevated. It provides the piece of the puzzle that turns the WORK of getting healthy into a journey of exploration.

It creates a space for sustainable growth by asking the tough questions and not allowing for excuses to get in the way.

Wellness Coaching is the differences between WORKING towards our health goals and actually ACHIEVING them.

So what make my wellness coaching different? Read my What is Health Coaching? blog to learn more!.

Live Happy, Eat Healthy, Dream Big!

~ , ~ Birdie